Carpet South carries carpeting from the top names in the business – Beaulieu, Mohawk, Shaw and more. With hundreds of styles, textures, and colors to choose from, we are sure to have what you are looking for. We encourage you to take a sample home to match with you rooms and furnishing!


Simply stated, few things can enhance the quality of a living space the way a hardwood floor can. It adds warmth, luster, and charm to a home, whether in a bedroom, dining room, a living room, or a kitchen. And it’s much more economical than one might imagine. Because of the outstanding insulating properties of wood, it can help keep a room warmer in the winter time and cooler in the summer, thereby saving the home owner on energy bills over a long term.


At Carpet South, we have a large variety of ceramic tile options to go in any home. Tile is available in various sizes, shapes, and materials. In addition to a huge variety of colors and shapes, tile offers many other advantages. Often, when comparing various floor options, tile can be the most cost effective solution. Tile is durable, beautiful, and easy to clean and maintain. Its water resistant and impervious to just about anything you could spill or track in.


Resilient vinyl flooring has been the single most popular floor covering in the US for more than 40 years. There are a number of reasons, but the most obvious are cost, variety, and ease of maintenance. It can be the least expensive flooring option on its low end and competitive with hardwoods at its higher end.

Stained Concrete

Allows you to convert existing concrete floors to exciting, polished surfaces with unique, custom etched designs. By incorporating unique colors (usually earth tone browns, reddish browns, and greens) tones, and custom textures, the treated concrete takes on a mottled, marbel-like look. The truly wonderful part is that concrete staining is not a uniform process. Reactions to act staining differ from slab, meaning that each concrete floor is destined to have a unique look all its own.

Epoxy Flooring

A general definition of epoxy floor might be: “Multiple epoxy layers placed on a floor surface regardless of the kind of epoxy resins applied, provided that total thickness of all layers applied is at least 2mm.”

Heat Welded Vinyl

Heat welding of linoleum is the popular seam treatment for commercial settings, where the majority of linoleum is specified and installed. One of the greatest differences between welding sheet vinyl and linoleum is the welding rod or thread. Welding rod for sheet vinyl is made from PVC and will not bond to the natural ingredients in linoleum. Linoeum welding rod is made from a thermal plastic material similar to a hot melt glue stick. The difference in the two welding rods is easily identifiable by trying to break a small piece of each by hand. The PVC welding rod will stretch, while the linoleum rod will break easily.

Modular Commerical Carpet

Commercial carpet is available in solid lengths or as carpet squares. One of the main advantages of using the squares is the ease of installation. Many people fin the adhesive-backed squares can be put into place rapidly and require much less effort then the installation of wall to wall carpeting. In addition, it is possible to easily replace one or two carpet squares that have become damages, rather than having to remove an entire carpet when one small area is stained or otherwise ruined.